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Our Guest's Websites

KCAT is the studio where we tape the show and is the first station to show our program

Willie Harris   Former basketball player and stuntman looking for compensation from the military for injuries and lack of treatment while in the service.

Echo Greywolf A inspirational acoustic musician whom will be making quite a number of appearences on our show and who's music we also use occaionally as bummer music. CD's of his beautiful music can be purchused through his website.

Lord RavynOsiris Ravyn is a paranormal invetigator that works to remove lost or melevolent enities from the lives of those who seek release form these problems.He is also a highly regarded intuitive psychic reader, a teacher and Pagan Priest.

Fawn O'Conner   Sleep expert, Author and inventor of the Face Saver Pillow.

Lisa Theil   This very talented lady, she is an artist, musician with many released CD's, she is a yoga teacher and is an energy and sound healer.

Khim Bherling   This wonderful lady is wonderful healer combining herbology with Acupuncture.

Jared Young   This young man is a brillant musician .

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