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Welcome Seekers
To the "Caffe Latte" website.
This site is for those seeking further information on the cable television program “Caffe Latte with Debra Campbell.”
We are a television program that celebrates the human existence and tries to bring healing to our world. We strive to uncover the mysteries that still remain unsolved and unexplained even in our modern times. Unfortunately too much mis-information exists about Holistic practices, Psychic abilities and events, and Alternative belief systems that has been unavailable via television for the public in general.
There are still stereotypes surrounding people of different beliefs, cultures, creeds and colors that still put up barriers within our society.
There is also an overwhelming number of issues that lack any true coverage by mainstream media in the violation of human and animal rights and the total destruction of our environment.
All of these issues are of the utmost importance to all of us as the human race and finding out the truth is crucial in order to evolve as a race and bring peace to our world. We here at “Caffe Latte” try and solve these mysteries, tear down these barriers and educate the public through the work done by our host Debra Campbell and by bringing you, the viewer, experts in these diverse fields to unveil these hidden issues and shed light in dark corners so that we can all be enlightened by the truth that knowledge inevitably brings.

These include:

Health and Nutrition.
Psychic Phenomenon.
Alternative Healing Methods.
Alternative and Traditions Religions and Beliefs.
Supernatural Experiences.
Modern and Ancient Mysteries.
Cultural Diversity.
Human and Animal Rights.
UFO Theories.
Human Interest Stories.
Environmental Issues.
Breakthrough Scientific Theories.
And Many Other Areas.

"Caffe Latte" Is Now On the Air:
Adelphia Channel 3 KCAT
Hacienda Heights,
City Of Industry,
La Puente, Valinda
Wednesdays @9:00PM

If we are not on in your area you can watch via the internet.
Just click on the link below and click on the link for Internet TV.

Caffe Latte on KCAT 3

Caffe Latte can now be seen in the following cities on the following Adelphia stations every Tuesday @ 8:30

Yorba Linda
Channel 98

Anaheim & Villa Park
Channel 97

Buena Park, Fullerton, Placentia & Santa Ana
Channel 95

{ we are the fastest growing public access show in Southern California. coming soon to your area!}

Our Fabulous Host
Debra Campbell
Debra is an internationally known psychic, healer and sagewoman. With an inquisitive mind and gentle charm, she generously shares these abilities with our viewers.
Performing psychic readings and healings for guests live on the show, performing readings for the studio audience and channeling a diverse array of information, including messages for those present and the world in general during these troubled times.
Debra’s natural talents are well known to stump skeptics and even convert the non-believer.
She has long been on a personal mission to shed new light on the subjects that still remain in the shadows of our society and bring enlightenment to our planet. Through “Caffe Latte,” she is able to live this mission.
In the time 'Caffe Latte' has been on the air, Debra has been able to bring an extraordinary amount information to our viewing audience. The amount of positive feedback has been overwhelming and has allowed many opportunities for our show to grow across the Southern California area and into many other regions.
Her tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed, for the Puente Hills Community Programming Corporation awarded her Producer of the Year. 2003 This is a great honor for her and proves that our show is on the right track to bigger and better things.
(See Debra’s Biography Page For More Information)
Debra’s Biography

But Wait
There is still so much more "Caffe Latte" provides for it's viewers.
Our Host, Debra demonstrates her natural psychic abilities by doing audience readings, one on one readings,aura readings and channeling information from the spirit realm.
We also feature a variety of entertainment, some of the best performers in the country. "Caffe Latte" showcases everything from some of the most exquisite musicians, singers and dancers to inspirational poets. Also we provide and outlet for artist to show off their work.
Where the entertainment we feature is geared more towards either metaphysical or cultural vibe, we do feature all genre's in order to open up our viewers to new forms of entertianment.

Our Next TV Taping

New Season begins January 2005. Keep checking this site for taping dates.

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